Project 102-1

Beaded or Ornamental Fob

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Materials Needed

  • Beading cord
  • 1 large focus bead (this determines the color choices)
  • Assorted beads – i.e. seed beads, different shaped beads (pyramid, teardrop, faceted)
  • 3 – 7mm in size
  • Scissors

Note: This can be made as a single decorative feature, blended into a more elaborate necklace or used on its own as a decorative fob for a key ring or antique key in place of a tassel.


Cut a length of beading cord 4’ – 6’ in length. Fold in half to find the center of the cord. Tie a knot in one end approximately 2 ½” – 3” from the center.

String assorted small beads onto the cord for a total of 5” – 6” in length. Tie another knot as close as possible to the last bead. (OPTIONAL: 2 -3 additional strands can be added at this point for a more elaborate necklace as long as all the cords will pass through the hole in the focus bead.)

Loosely tie beaded area(s) into a knot (or pretzel). Tie ends of cords together next to the beads. Thread cords through the focus bead. If using more than one beaded cord, tie all cords together as one. Next decide how many cords to thread through the focus bead. Bead any remaining cords the length plus ½” of the focus bead. Wrap these on the outside of the focus bead.

Join all threads at the top of the focus bead. Tie all cords together as close as possible to the top of the focus bad. If making a key ring fob seal knot with glue and cut off any remaining cord. If making a necklace, add beads as desired on all remaining cords.

To end necklace and add counter weight tassel, knot all cords together, leaving 6” on each cord. Bead each cord individually. Knot each end to finish. Seal the knots with glue to secure.

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