Project 108-2
Beading Lesson
Using a Knotting Tool & French Wire

By Katie Hacker



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A knotting tool makes it quick and easy to knot beads. This technique is traditionally used for stringing pearls and gemstones, but it can also be used to string any kind of bead onto silk or poly nylon cord.

The first three beads that you string will be knotted by hand. Since the cord has to pass through these beads first, you may need to use a bead reamer to widen the holes.

First, tie a knot at the end of the cord and string three beads onto the cord. Next, cut a small piece of French Wire. French wire is tiny coiled wire that protects the cord from any abrasion that might be caused by the clasp. String the French wire and the clasp onto the cord. Place the needle back through the last bead to force the French wire into a loop.

Tie the first three knots by hand, then place a drop of glue on the last knot and cut off the extra thread end. String a few more beads onto the cord.

To use the tri-cord knotter, wrap the clasp end around your hand. Hold your fingers apart and drop the clasp through the loop. Place the knotter through the loop with the point away from your hand. Pull the cord straight up to tighten the knot. Push your thumb up to force the knot off of the tool.

Repeat to make a knot between each bead. Finish the necklace as you started, by threading the end through French Wire, the clasp and back through the first three beads.


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