Project 108-4
Pearl Lariat Necklace

Blue Moon Beads®

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Materials Needed

  • Round Double Toggle Clasp - #60526
  • Round Silver Beads – SS103BM
  • Silver Crimp Tubes - #SS138BM
  • Silver Jump Ring - #SS132BM
  • Beading Wire
  • Head Pins
  • Oval Metal bead with Flowers - #60916
  • 7 pkgs. Gray Nugget Pearls - #48114
  • 5 pkgs. Gray Potato Pearls - #48034
  • 1 pkg. Gray Rice Pearls - #48074
  • 1 pkg. Pink Potato Pearls - #48004


Attach one 24inch strand of bead wire to each of the 2 loops on the round portion of the toggle clasp. String one crimp tube followed by one round silver bead to each wire, thread the wire through the loops and follow back through the bead and crimp. Secure the crimp tube.

String each strand of wire with pearls in the following pattern ten times: 5 gray nugget pearls, 3 gray potato pearls. After finishing this pattern ten times, add 3 gray rice pearls to each strand.

With the loose ends of the wire together, slide on one oval metal bead, one crimp tube and one round l silver bead. Loop both ends of the wire together through one silver jump ring and thread the wires back through the round silver bead and crimp tube. Secure the crimp tube.

For the three dangles, slide one gray nugget pearl followed by five pink potato pearls onto each of three head pins and form a wrapped loop. Open the silver jump ring from Step 3, slide the dangles onto the ring and close.

Finished Project Images


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