Project 109-2
Beading Lesson
Identifying Findings


by Katie Hacker
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"Findings" is a general term that refers to the various clasps, head pins, jump rings, and other small parts that are used in beading. They are typically made from metal and are available in a variety of finishes to match your beaded designs. Here are some of the most common findings:

Jump rings and split rings are used to connect things together. They come in a variety of sizes. Jump rings are made of a single ring and split rings are two rings side-by-side, like a key ring.

Head pins and eye pins are used to create beaded charms. Head pins resemble a thin nail and eye pins have a loop on one end.

There are many different kinds of clasps, but some of the most popular ones are the lobster, toggle, spring ring, torpedo and hook and eye. There is also a special clasp that crimps onto the end of flexible beading wire called a crimp clasp.

Crimp beads and tubes are special metal beads that flattened when squeezed. You can use them to attach clasps or hold beaded sections in place on flexible beading wire.

Bead tips are used to cover knots or crimp beads at the end of a beaded design. They have a loop on the end that you attach to a clasp.

Earring parts come in various styles. These are examples of a traditional ear hook and a lever-back style. Attach a beaded charm to make a pair of simple earrings.

There are a variety of cord ends that add a finished look to hemp, leather, suede and cable designs. Choose round or flat to match your stringing material.

Memory wire end caps are specialty findings that are used with memory wire designs. They add a professional finish and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use super glue to attach them to memory wire.

Three-to-one connectors are used at the ends of multi-strand necklaces and bracelets and can also be used to make chandelier earrings or pendants.

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