Beading Lesson

New Ways to Attach a Clasp
By: Katie Hacker

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Here are some new inventions that are going to change the way you make jewelry: EZ-Crimp clasps, magnetic crimp clasps and Scrimps.

EZ-Crimp clasps feature a tiny coil that actually crimps onto your beading wire, making regular crimp tubes unnecessary. They're available in a variety of styles, such as toggle, S-hook and hook-and-eye. You can also use plain EZ-Crimp ends and then add your own clasp.

To use an EZ-Crimp, pass the wire end inside the crimp end, and then use a large crimping tool to squeeze the bars together. The coil inside flattens to securely hold the wire in place. Because the large crimping tool has a rounded jaw, the entire coil is squeezed shut, which holds the wire firmly in place without damaging the wire. Tug gently on end to make sure it’s secure.

EZ-Crimp ends give your designs a more professional-looking finish without the hassle of the two-step crimping process. You can see the difference between a clasp that's attached with a regular crimp tube and a clasp that's attached with an EZ-Crimp end.

You can also use EZ-Crimp ends with multiple strands, as long as the wires will fit inside the EZ-Crimp end. That makes it simple to create your own chandelier earrings or multiple strand designs.

MagnaCrimps are special magnetic clasps with crimp ends. They can be crimped onto flexible beading wire using a regular crimping tool. The ends are about 1mm so you can fit several beading wires inside if to make multiple strand designs.

You can also use a special finding called a “Scrimp” to attach a clasp. A Scrimp is a crimp end that contains a miniature screw. Pass the wire end inside a Scrimp, and then turn the screw to hold the wire in place.

Scrimps are a great way to finish a design because they are completely removable, which allows you to adjust the length or pattern after attaching the clasp.

Use a Scrimp in conjunction with a Wire Guardian for a secure finish. A Wire Guardian is a small hollow loop that fits over the end of beading wire where it attaches to a clasp. A Wire Guardian prevents abrasion and breakage. To use a Wire Guardian, pass the beading with through the Scrimp, Guardian and clasp. Then pass the wire back through the Guardian and Scrimp. Turn the screw to secure the Scrimp.


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