Pearls and Crystal Macramé Bracelet
By Sherri Haab

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Knots used:

  • Overhand knot
  • Square knots
  • Vertical Lark’s head

Material needed

6 yards silk bead cord size 2 (3 carded cords with needles attached)
About 15 pearls (7-8mm)
1 flexible wire bead needles
One strand of AB clear crystal beads (3mm)
2 barrel shaped silver beads with large holes
Silver loop and toggle finding for clasp
Fabric glue or hem sealant


1. Unwind the silk cord from the card and dampen with water to release the creases in the cord; pat dry. Cut the cord into 3 lengths (2 yard each). Thread the 3 strands through the silver loop finding, pulling until the strands are even and the finding is at the mid-point of the strands. This will give you 6 strands of cord attached to the finding. Tie an overhand knot with all six strands of cord at the base of the finding.

2. Add a silver bead over all six strands and slide it up to cover the knot.

3. Pin the finding to a board before you begin to macramé, or use office clips on a sturdy board. Before beginning to knot, separate the cords by pulling 2 cords down the middle. Pull two cords out to each side. Make sure you have at least one needle cord for each side. Tie 2 complete square knots with both sets of cords on each side around the 2 center cords.

4. Add a pearl to the two center core cords, using a wire bead needle to aid stringing. Slide the pearl up to the base of the square knots. (Use a pearl reamer to make the holes bigger in the pearls as needed).

5. To add the crystal beads to the side of the pearl, start with the left 2 cords. Add a crystal bead to the working cord (the cord with the needle) and slide it up close to the square knots. Bring the working cord around the filler cord and tie a lark’s head knot under the bead.

6. Add two more beads in the same manner for a total of 3; tying a lark’s head knot with the working cord under each bead to secure.

7. Repeat the same with the two cords on the right side of the pearl. Check to make sure the beads will fit around the sides of the pearl. Pearls vary in size, if your pearls are large, you may want to add an extra crystal bead to each side to make the design work. This completes the pattern to be used for the rest of the bracelet.

8. Repeat the pattern by tying two square knots with the double cords from both sides as you did in step three.

9. Measure the bracelet to fit your wrist as you work, and finish the pattern with two square knots (you may want to add a few extra square knots for a perfect fit). Slide a silver bead over all 6 cords, sliding it over some of the square knots temporarily. Slide the bar toggle over all of cords.

10. Tie a lark’s head knot with all six cords to attach the clasp. Pull tight.

11. Clip of the ends of the cord next to the knot and apply hem sealant or glue to secure the knot. Slide the silver bead over to conceal the knot before the glue dries.

Suppliers and Sources:

Designer: Sherri Haab, author and craft designer

Book: Beaded Macramé Jewelry, c. 2006 Watson Guptill Publications

Sherri Haab

Project Images  

Photo: Sherri Haab, "Beaded Macrame Jewelry, © Sherri Haab, Watson Guptill Publications 2006"


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