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Add Texture to Beading Wire Designs
By: Katie Hacker

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Beadalon® Clear Colors and Crinkle wire are two easy ways to add texture and interest to your jewelry designs.

Colored beading wire comes in a variety of styles, including these metallic Beadalon® Clear Colors. The color is applied to the wire strands before they’re coated with nylon. That means the color won’t chip off or tarnish. The nylon coating allows light to pass through and reflect off the bright stainless steel wire. That spark of color makes beaded designs come alive!

One simple way to show off colored beading wire is to string an easy woven pattern. Start with two strands attached to a clasp. Hold the strands together and string a bead, and then string a bead onto each individual strand. Hold the strand together again and string another bead. Repeat this process to string beads onto the wires. You can adjust the spacing so that more or less of the wire shows.

You can also use a simple ladder stitch to show off the color. Start with two strands attached to a clasp. String a small bead onto each wire, and then pass the wire ends through opposite sides of a larger bead. This completes one stitch. Repeat the stitch to finish the design. You can add more small beads to make a scalloped design.

Beadalon® Crinkle wire is permanently wavy and can be used to add lots of texture to beaded designs. The special manufacturing process that's used to make Crinkle wire allows the wire to have the same flexibility and break strength as regular 7-strand beading wire.

You can use Crinkle wire to create a new spin on the illusion look – the wavy wire adds texture between the beaded sections. You can also cover the wire with seed beads for a subtler crinkled look.

For an easy pair of earrings, simply fold and crimp each end of a piece of Crinkle wire, then attach it to an ear wire. Add a dangle to the center of the Crinkle wire loop. Voila!

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Katie Hacker



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