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Using Decorative Head Pins
By: Katie Hacker

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Standard head pins look like very thin nails. They're made from hardened wire and have a flat surface on one end that prevents beads from sliding off. They come in different lengths. Use pins that are longer than what you need so there is plenty of room for wire wrapping.

Decorative head pins have a design element on one end of the pin, such as a small ball or ball and star.

The different styles of head pins create different effects. Flat head pins are unobtrusive and less noticeable. Ball head pins create a pretty, finished effect. The ball and star head pins add just the right decorative flourish.

To attach a beaded head pin or eye pin to another jewelry component, you'll need to make a basic or wrapped loop. To form a basic loop, make a 90-degree just above the bead. Place round nose pliers about 1/8" away and roll the wire end back to form a nice, round loop. Cut off any extra wire

To form a wrapped loop, use chain nose pliers to make a 90-degree angle about 1/4” from the wire end. Make a loop, then use a chain nose pliers to hold the loop and wrap the extra wire around the base of the loop.

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Katie Hacker



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