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Tips for Quick Seed Bead Stringing
By: Katie Hacker

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There are a variety of tools that make bead stringing faster and more efficient, whether you're using thread or beading wire.

The Spin-N-Bead™ tool is specially designed to make it easy to load seed beads onto a needle. It’s easiest to use a big eye needle with a curved tip. A big eye needle is the type of needle that opens from the center. Use beading thread to thread the needle, then place the tip inside the wooden bowl.

The fuller the bowl, the easier it is to spin beads onto the needle. Spin the rod in the center to turn the bowl and hold the needle with the curved tip facing against the flow of beads like a hook. Beads will automatically load themselves onto the needle. Push them onto the beading thread and continue to load the needle.

This quick seed bead stringing is particularly helpful for stringing long necklaces or multiple strands of beads. The Spin ‘n Bead™ tool also makes it easy to create long strands of randomly mixed colors. Just place several colors inside the bowl.

The Mini Spin-N-Bead™ tool is perfect for designs with multiple colors in a specific pattern. Mark the needle to determine how many beads to load. Add one bead color to each bead-spinning tool, and then dip the needle into one spinner at a time. When the beads reach the designated spot on the needle, push them onto the beading thread and move to the next color.

There is also a medium-sized spinning tool. All of the bead spinning tools work best with large-hole seed beads because the beads literally jump onto the needle. Use 11/0 or 6/0 beads to achieve different effects. The Spin-N-Bead™ tools also makes it easy to string liquid silver.

If you're working with beading wire and want to thread beads faster, then use a Sbeady™ wire needle. Sbeady™ wire needles come in a variety of sizes that match the diameter of beading wire.

Slip the end of the beading wire inside the open end of the hollow needle, then use it to quickly and easily load beads onto the beading wire. You can also use this with a bead-spinning tool. It won't be as fast as using a curved big eye needle and thread, but it will be faster than stringing the beads by hand.

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Katie Hacker



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