Dragonfly Wall Hanging
By Heather Lancaster

Sponsor: Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc.

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Material needed

'Not Your Common Beads' by Provo Craft 21-0340 Oval/Green
'Not Your Common Beads' by Provo Craft 21-0364 Round/Blue
16 Gauge Black Wire
20 Gauge Black Wire
Beadalon® Pliers


1. Draw basic dragonfly wing shape onto a piece of paper and place
beads on paper to plan placement on design. You can draw just one side
of the dragonflies wings and use the same pattern to create both sides
of the finished project.

2. Wrap 16 gauge black wire end around a metal rod to form a loop and
then while holding wire in place on pattern, gently bend to form the
shape of the wings. Create the top wings using one piece of wire, and
then use a second piece of wire to form the bottom wings.

3. Cut a length of wire approximately 10" long. Insert wire into a flat
oval bead. This bead will be the dragonflies head. Wrap and secure one
end of the wire around the bead, bending the piece so that the
remaining wire extends down from the center of the bead.

4. Place wings onto body wire, and then attach additional beads to form
the dragonflies body. Loop end of wire to secure.

5. Using 20 gauge wire, begin weaving additional beads into the center
of the wings. Ensure that each bead is secure by forming loops and
twists around it. Try to make the wing pattern symmetrical on both

Heather Lancaster

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