Macramé Earrings
By Sherri Haab

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Material needed per pair:

2 pieces of orange C-Lon nylon cord-cut 36" each
1/2" diameter jump rings (2)
Ear wires (2)
8 mm faceted AB orange colored crystal for the center or each ring (2)
11/o seed beads (orange/pink color)
5mm bicone shaped crystal beads (2)
Knots used:
Lark’s head knot/sennet
Overhand knot


1. Before beginning to knot the cord, attach a large jump ring to the ear wire with pliers. Starting at the middle of the cord, tie the cord to ring with a lark’s head knot. This knot will be tied at the bottom of the ring, opposite the ear wire.

2. Bring the ends of the cord to the center of the ring and add an orange colored crystal bead, sliding it over both cords to sit suspended in the middle of the ring.

3. Bring the cords to the opposite side of the ring, split the cords with the ear wire in the middle of the two cords. Start with one of the cords to knot. Tie one lark’s heads knot and then add a seed bead to the working cord. Tie a sennet of lark’s head knots with a bead added after each knot. Work around the ring in opposite directions with each cord, adding beads around the ring.

4. Tie an equal number of knots on each side of the ear wire until the entire ring is covered with knotted beads. Pull the remaining cords down and slide a bicone crystal over both cords, followed by an overhand knot to secure. Clip the ends of the cord and melt or glue to secure the knot and prevent fraying.

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Beaded Macramé Jewelry, c. 2006 Watson Guptill Publications

Sherri Haab

Project Images  

Photo: Sherri Haab, "Beaded Macrame Jewelry, © Sherri Haab, Watson Guptill Publications 2006"


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