Beading Lesson

Beads to Go
By: Katie Hacker

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In this Beading Lesson, we'll show you some neat new ideas for beads on the go.

A traveling tool kit is an absolute must-have. It ensures that you always have what you need. A basic kit should include chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters and any other tools that you use frequently.

A sturdy zippered pouch is practical and durable for beads on the go. It protects your tools and prevents them from damaging any of your other supplies. Use a small one to hold tools by themselves, or use a larger one that has space inside for other supplies. Both are convenient because you can just zip them up and toss them into your beading bag.

A velvety tool roll has a pocket for each tool. Fold the flap down to hold the tools in place, then roll it up and tie everything together in a pretty little package.

A bead carrying case is also handy for traveling. This one has a variety of small boxes inside to store and organize your beads and findings, along with a scoop. Look for travel sizes of glues, rulers and other necessities and store them inside the larger boxes in the case.

Storage rings, stacking drawers and stackable containers are a great way to organize your beads and findings for travel. The compartments seal tightly and they pull apart, making it possible to take just a few sections with you at a time.

A bead mat and a bead board are also good traveling companions. Place them inside a tray to prevent beads from rolling around and to contain your projects while you're on the go. Use the bead board for planning and measuring designs before you string them.

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Katie Hacker



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