Twisted Twig Bracelet
By Stephanie Eddy

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Material needed

Size size 8 seed beads (2 colors B and C)
4mm drops
10mm glass pearls
6 mm crystals
10 mm crystals
4mm disc
Size B Nymo and #12 needle.


1. Measure your wrist and add 1/4-inch..Cut 2 1/2 yards of thread. The entire bracelet will be completed on one length of thread.

2. BEGIN by adding one C (size 8) as a STOP BEAD. Leave a 4-inch tail.

3. Row 1 (stem): add enough S (size 8) beads to equal the length of your wrist plus 1/4-inch. Add another C— This will be known as the END BEAD. Add 5 S beads, a shank button, and 5 S. Go back through the END BEAD forming a loop. Go through 3 S on the stem.

4. TWIG & BLOSSOM: * Add 5 S (for twig) and 3 B (for blossom). Go back through the 3 S only. Go through the next 3 S on the stem.* Repeat * making one more TWIG & BLOSSOM.

5. BUD: add three 4mm drops. Go back through the opposite side of the S so that the drops sit on top. Go through 3 more S on the stem.

6. Continue across the stem alternating 2 TWIG & BLOSSOM, 1 BUD. Work the pattern as close to the STOP BEAD as possible. Go through the STOP BEAD.

7. Add approximately 24 S or enough to form a loop that is large enough to go over the button. Go back through the STOP BEAD.
Check to make sure the closure loop goes over the button before continuing.

8. Row 2: **add 5 S. Add one 6mm, three S, one 8mm, three S, one glass pearl. Repeat this pattern across to equal the length of the wrist measurement. Go through the END BEAD and around through the beads that form the loop coming back out the END BEAD. Continue back across Row 2 to reinforce. Go through the STOP BEAD, around the loop and back out the STOP BEAD.

9. Row 3: Add 7 S. Pattern: add one 4mm, five S. Repeat across. Go through end bead around the loop and back out end bead. Reinforce back across the row. Go through stop bead, around the loop and through stop bead.

10. Finish: when complete the thread should meet the tail. Tie both threads together twice with an overhand knot. With the needle, work both ends of the thread back into one of the stems two inches or more.

11. Twist: to braid lay the bracelet on a flat surface and start braiding in the center. As you weave the braid will work itself out to both ends. Keep the braid in place by holding 2 stands in your left hand and 1 strand in your right. Bring the button end of the bracelet through the center. It doesn't matter if you bring if through the front or through the back.

Design, Graphics and Copyright Instructions by Stephanie Eddy ©2007

Stephanie Eddy

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