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Getting Started
Appropriately, the first episode is getting started. This is an introduction to some of the techniques used every day.  We begin with Candie Cooper and a lesson on bead caps featured in a necklace. Then, meet Melinda Barta with tips for making beadwork more durable. Next, it’s the first basic workshop lesson; crimping to attach a clasp. Finally, Kate Richbourg has the first of her metal work lessons and beginning steps for soldering.  


Dangles and Drops
 Add eye catching movement and dimensional interest to jewelry designs with a variety of dangle and drop styles. First is Kerry Bogert with a technique using wire and resin together to form unique dangles. Then, Molly Schaller demonstrates a necklace featuring drop beads with jump rings. Next, it’s a workshop lesson on making basic but beautiful dangles and drops. Last is Melinda Barta showing how to create unique dangles from seed beads and caps.


Make It Today
Get ready for a batch of ideas to make in an evening and wear the next day, or even make and wear all in the same day. First is Jean Campbell with a seed bead lesson. She shows how easy it is to create a potpourri of beaded bead shapes using tubular herringbone stitch and different size beads. Then, Laura Timmons makes crochet chandelier earrings. Next is a workshop lesson featuring three essential knots:  overhand, larks head and sliding. Finally, Molly Schaller demonstrates a purple and blue druzy necklace using focal pendants with chain for a quick design. 


It’s a Wrap
The jewelry workshop continues with “it’s a wrap”.  These are necklaces and bracelets that wrap, coil and twist for texture and interest.  Christie Friesen is the first guest to make a beautiful orchid from clay featuring a technique for twisting colors together. Then, Mary Hettmansperger has a metal work project featuring embossing on metal for an interesting and unique surface on low tech metal jewelry. Next is a workshop lesson showing how to use memory wire. Finally, Laura Timmons makes a braided leather bracelet using cup chain.    


Problem Solving
Some of the best ideas come from trying to solve a particular design problem. Learn from this week’s experts as they help solve some common dilemmas in design. First, Jean Campbell has a lesson on how to form herringbone increases and decreases and how those increases apply to design. Then, Kate Richbourg demonstrates soldering domed shapes. Next is a workshop lesson showing how to glue crystal flat backs onto all sorts of accessories for a custom look. Finally, Elizabeth Ward solves storage issues with space saving ideas for bead storage.    


Pleasing Patterns
There are many different ways to achieve beautiful finished designs; one of the most important is creating a pleasing pattern.  Learn how various types of patterns can help assemble gorgeous designs.  First is Jackie Truty, a metal clay expert.  She uses copper and silver together for beautiful marbled rings in this extended lesson. Then, Jean Campbell has tips for counting rows and rounds of various beadwork stitches in project instructions in the workshop lesson. Last, host Katie Hacker uses Tila beads to create patterned memory wire bracelets.  


Palette Play
Color is powerful design tool.  Kick start designs by looking at new color combinations.  Kerry Bogert begins with patina recipes. Next, build a bib necklace with Molly Schaller using simple techniques with a bold color palette. Then, it’s a workshop lesson on using crystal bicones to make beaded beads.  Last, Elizabeth Ward shows how organizing your stash helps you design.


Easy Does It
Even complicated looking designs don't have to be hard. With the right tips and teacher, jewelry designing becomes much easier. Kate Richbourg is the first teacher and creates intricate patterns by soldering dots. Then, Laura Timmons demonstrates a bead soup memory wire bracelet. Next, the workshop lesson features how to embellish hoop earrings using seed beads and wire. Finally, Candie Cooper has a simple men’s bracelet with leather and silver.  


Custom Creations
Store bought materials can save time but sometimes you need to make it from scratch to get just what you want.  All of these designers subscribe to the idea of personalizing as much as possible, beginning with stitch pro, Jean Campbell.  She shows several tips and techniques for keeping right angle weave clean, neat, and strong with the beads sitting at perfect angles. Then, syndee holt shows how to make your own cabochon.  Next, the workshop lesson is on illusion necklaces. Finally peruse some beautiful lampwork beads custom made from various artists with Kerry Bogert to give pieces that custom look.  


Designs with a Twist
Look at jewelry making supplies and projects with a new perspective and create designs with a twist.  Mary Hettmansperger begins with options and techniques for using buttons as a component in cold connections metal work for a brand new twist on buttons. Then, Candie Cooper demonstrates a quick links tassel necklace. Then, the workshop lesson shows how to use sliders as pendants, dangles, and drops. Finally, Melinda Barta demonstrates diagonal peyote stitch for a twist on seed beads.


Mix and Match
It can be tempting to use the same materials together all the time, sticking with tried and true combinations.  We encourage mixing and matching materials and techniques to create some unexpected results. Melinda Barta makes circular peyote slider buttons for leather cord. Then, Molly Schaller creates a dramatic look with three mix and match necklaces. Next, add leather, ribbon, and feathers to cord ends for a true mix and match of materials. Finally, Jackie Truty shows how to inlay silver into copper to create eye catching pendants. 


New Dimensions
Unusual shapes, interesting materials, and innovative techniques add dimension and originality to jewelry designs. Part of being a designer is that your repertoire keeps expanding with new things. First is Kerry Bogert with an angular design wire pendant inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Then, Kate Richbourg shares techniques for texturing metal. Next on the workshop, make stretchy bracelets using crystal pearls, and rondelles. Finally, Melinda Barta teaches how to stitch a tubular peyote ring and how to use peyote to create other stitches.


Beaded Gifts
Share your hobby and love of your craft with everyone through beaded gifts. The first guest is Jackie Truty, clay metal expert. She’s making a beautiful fingerprint pendant; it’s a perfect gift. Then, the final workshop lesson is about tips for packaging handmade jewelry gifts. Finally, meet Jean Baruch from Beads of Courage. Learn the story of this charitable group and how to share your love of beading with a purpose. 


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