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Brown is the new Black
Brown is now a basic and combines or accents so many other shades.  Linda Augsburg is first with big baubles and necklaces in less than one hour. Then Katie Hacker has our first beading lesson and how to work with leather. Next it’s Linda Peterson and a brown clay pendant and beads. Then it’s off to a consumer show to meet Alethia Donathan and a fascinating braiding technique from Japan.  Then Katie is back with a new short feature called focus on findings and a lesson on how to use bead bumpers. Last up Debba Haupert creates a fashion look in brown.
702 Elegance
Get out your pearls and crystal because this show is all about elegance.  What’s new about this look is that you don’t have to be all dressed up to enjoy elegance. First up is Kristal Wick and the “timeless” elegance of crystal in a watch. Then Katie Hacker introduces us to designing with cubic zirconium in our beading lesson. Then meet author, Sherri Haab, for a pearl and crystal treasure. Next we travel to a show to meet Fernando Dasilva – the keyword for his design style is elegance. Then it’s a quick break and bead caps on our focus on findings. Last is Linda Augsburg with coin pearls for an easy shimmery strand.
703 Novelty or Whimsical
Add a little fun to your designing and add a touch of whimsy. Heather Lancaster is up first with a new approach to jewelry design and a crochet bracelet.  Then Katie Hacker shows how to add texture to your beading wire in the beading lesson. Then have some fun with a Carmen Miranda inspired design with Anna Elizabeth Draeger.  Mary Hettmansperger is next, in Milwaukee at a show, with a novel approach to metal. Then the focus on findings is decorative head pins. Last, Susan Lenart Kazmer inspires us all with her eclectic sense of design.
704 Jewelry with Meaning
The designs you create can have meaning, whether it’s actual words, or sentiments on your beads, or the meaning behind a particular stone or color. First Linda Augsburg introduces us to an international specialty bead with important cultural and historical meaning. Then our beading lesson with Katie shows us how to make multi strand necklaces the easy way. Next Susan Lenart Kazmer is back with her unique talisman jewelry. Then join Lisa Niven Kelly at a bead show for a quick technique for stamping words on to metal. Then creative connectors are our feature finding. Last up Kristal Wick has a lesson on stones and their meaning.

Color is one of the most important design elements and our designers will give tips for choosing colors and combining shades.  First up Stephanie Eddy introduces us to seed beads and a unique style for joining multiple parts of a piece together. Then our bead tip features silver wire with Katie Hacker. Then Anna Elizabeth Draeger shows us how to blend colors in a modified herringbone bracelet. Next it’s off to a bead show and ceramic designer Jennifer Heynen. Then our focus on findings features removable and reusable claps. Last up Carol Bauer has an elegant necklace and bracelet featuring color blending on multiple strands. 

706 Natural and Organic
Its time to get back to nature. Whether shells, stones, metal or wood; interesting beads are often the focal point of design. When you think jewelry it’s usually earrings or necklaces or bracelets – but how about a belt made from shells from Linda Augsburg. Then it s a jump start for your designing, with bead ready chain from Katie Hacker.  Next is Mary Hettmansperger – she’s known for metal work – but wait until you see how it coordinates with various organic charms and beads in a necklace. Then meet Alison and Tracy Stilwell – the art girls – with their unique approach to design and their latest focus on felt. Next learn how to attach a swivel tie clasp on focus on findings. Then Katie is back with a shell bracelet combined with a new element.
707 Romance
When you want feminine and pretty, romantic accessories match that mood. Chokers and crystal are two elements that say romance are the features of the first piece with Katie Hacker. Then Katie is right back with organza and velour and designing with texture on our beading lesson. Next Heather Lancaster accessorizes our home with beaded pillows and a romantic feel. Then it’s off to the bead show to meet Jill Mackay – she has a new line of custom findings featuring crystal. Then it’s focus on findings and making bails for pendants and drops. Last up Anna Elizabeth Draeger uses gemstones to echo the pointed arches of gothic architecture – for the best of a very romantic era.
708 Menswear Look
 Think Katherine Hepburn and classic silver and gold and simple designs many times featuring chain.  First it’s Linda Augsburg and a wirework chain necklace. Then take a look at your tool box with Katie Hacker on today’s beading lesson. Then author Scott David Plumlee makes a Byzantine chain bracelet se t with stones. Next it’s off to the bead show and more silver – but this time its art clay with Jackie Truty. Then today’s focus on findings is magnets. Last up Winnie van der Rijn is our feature designer.

You may be familiar with the linear look in earrings – straight drops.  But today we’re interpreting that linear look in necklaces and bracelets too. First is Mary Hettmansperger and a necklace drop featuring parallel lines of beads. Then our beading lesson is quick bead stringing with Katie Hacker. Then it’s a totally different interpretation of linear with great bracelets from Anna Elizabeth Draeger. Then we’ll meet designer Joy Thomas – she has an interesting story about she got started. Then learn how to attach a cone on our focus on findings. Last up Carol Bauer has a fascinating story about the manufacturing process of Czech seed beads.


Unconventional or Eclectic
Mix things up and try something new, our designers will show you how to add one element to make your pieces stand out. First up is Kristal Wick and an interesting mix of crystal and resin. Then our beading lesson is something we can all use – how to get organized.  Next Linda Augsburg has an unconventional way to finish a cord without a clasp. Then it off to the consumer show and Lisa Pavelka – clay and crystal – a very different combination of materials. Then it’s a new finding on our focus on findings a combination of gem drops and sterling.  Last up – our jewelry gets very unconventional with Heather Lancaster – and wall art using beads and wire.


When it comes to jewelry this word has a lot of different meanings.  It can be a balance between sizes of beads, between styles of components, but overall it means achieving the right feel between the various elements that make up your design. Our first artist, Linda Augsburg illustrates the concept with a very eclectic mix of beads – everything doesn’t have to be the same to achieve balance. Then today’s bead lesson with Katie is designing with polyester chain. Next Debba Haupert illustrates balance between size and color. Then we join Stephanie Eddy at the bead show for a lesson on balance by using individual pieces joined together. Then its cell phone straps on our focus on findings.  Last up Author Sherri Haab, creates a colorful earring style featuring balance with bead size and color.


Symmetry is related to balance, proportion and a regular pattern.   Scott
David Plumlee starts out with Byzantine chain techniques and creates a beautiful star shaped pendant.   Then its beads to go and travel techniques on our beading lesson with Katie.  Next up Linda Peterson uses the concept of symmetry to create clay focal pendants. Then join us at the bead show for an interview with Dawn Harbor, a wonderful glass artist. Then its how to use a fold over clasp on focus on findings. Last up two identical bracelets and perfect symmetry have a double life as a choker with Linda Augsburg.


Over the Top
These ideas are not necessarily difficult – but the net effect is something that will get noticed. First up is crystal and more crystal but this time it’s on a  purse instead of jewelry.   Kristal Wick will show us how to add that over the top element to all of our clothing and accessories. Then our beading lesson is way cool watches with Katie Hacker. Then its amazing earrings with Anna Elizabeth Draeger; crystal and bling really add that over the top element. Next meet a fascinating glass artist, Stuart Abelman, his beads and other pieces are over the top. Then it’s a last focus on findings and earring components. Last is Stephanie Eddy with over the top seed bead creations. 



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